Diabetes And Exercises That Fight Various Types Of Diabetes

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September 29, 2011 · 0 comments

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You must have read and heard in many health articles, seminars, and TV programs how diabetes is slated to become the next most common disease/disorder. As I’m writing this article, diabetes has become a common disorder in our lives for many years now.

According to a survey in India, diabetes has also attacked the lower income group and daily wage workers. Heightened awareness of diabetes is a must. Clubbing this awareness with information about how to fight diabetes is imperative.

It’s important to understand the types of diabetes and work outs one can perform while battling these types.

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Type 1:

This type is also known as Insulin dependent diabetes. The insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas are damaged. Usually people under 40 years of age are affected with this type of diabetes. The patients have to take regular doses of insulin leading to several times a day. It’s imperative that they follow the doctor’s advice and maintain a strict regime of diet and exercise. Patients with Type 1 diabetes are also prone to cardiovascular. These patients need to produce good cholesterol.

Exercises that help patients suffering from Type 1 diabetes are:

1)      Stretching: Legs, thighs, arms, and waist stretching will give enough pumps to the blood. Performing simple yogasanas is better than stretching exercises. Practicing yogasanas daily will guarantee excellent results and will help a great deal in keep diabetes in control.

2)      Aerobics: Walking, running, jogging, and treadmill are some of the aerobics exercises which will increase heart beat rate and deepen breathing.

3)      Strengthening: You must consult your doctor or a physiotherapist to know the best suited strengthening exercises. It will be an added advantage to work on strengthening your muscles.

Type 2:

This is the most common type affecting 90% of the patients. This type of diabetes makes a late entry into the patient’s body.

Type 2 is also insulin resistant increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease by two times. Even though this type of diabetes is genetically prone, lifestyle factors like diet, exercise etc are also responsible for it. It’s important to bring blood sugar level under control by maintaining diet and exercise.

Once it comes under controllable figures one can start using insulin under doctor’s care. While exercising Type 2 patients need to be extra careful. It’s advisable to check sugar levels before and after a workout. Workout session can last upto 30 minutes.

Exercises that help patients suffering from Type 2 are:

1)      Resistance training: Follow a low intensity exercise focusing on major muscle groups. Perform the exercises in 2 sets, each set consisting 10-15 times. Repeat atleast 2 days in a week.

2)      Flexibility: Workout sessions of stretching for 2-3 days a week. Remember that you should only stretch until you don’t feel pain. Each set of exercise should contain 10-15 times of repeat.

3)      Cardiovascular: These exercises are recommended for daily sessions spanning from 20-60 minutes. These include walking, jogging, running, tread mill, weight exercises, steps etc.

Gestational Diabetes

More and more women are experiencing diabetes during pregnancy. Risks of diabetes during pregnancy include the baby developing obesity and diabetes at a later stage. Remember to eat smaller quantities increasing the number of times of intake. The mother is also at risk of becoming a type 2 at a later stage. One can control gestational diabetes through diet and low intensity exercises.

Exercises that help these patients are:

1)      Light walking for around 15-20 minutes.

2)      Meditation will keep you calm and active. Women suffering from gestational diabetes are prone to depression. Yoga and meditation will help you overcome depression and keep you mentally active. There are only a few yogasanas one can perform during pregnancy. Have good awareness and take expert suggestion before trying any.

3)      Swimming has always been suggested as one of the best advices.

It’s a careful balance between losing weight and exercising while battling diabetes. Always consult the doctor before you intend to try any new medication or exercise.

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