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January 22, 2012 · 0 comments

in Life

I had promised to tell you a story I had read somewhere of ‘The Divine Compass’.

A man once went to a hill station for a vacation. The area was totally unknown to him, so the hotel owner, a lady, warned him as he was leaving to explore at sunrise, to return before the sun set so he would not lose his way. He could follow his own footsteps back to the hotel in time.

In those days there were no cell phones.

So the gentleman set out, but he got so engrossed in the beautiful mountains, fresh air and valleys that he lost count of time. And finally as darkness approached, he looked for his footprints to return, but they were all lost in the wind and dust.

He sat down on a stone worried and dismal, wondering what to do next. How will he go back now?

Suddenly as he put his hands in his coat pockets to keep them warm, he felt something. He removed it and saw it was a compass. But he had not put it compass 239x300 The Divine Compassthere and neither had he seen it before. How did it come to his pocket? But he was glad. He remembered that the hotel was towards the south and using the directions of the compass he returned safely to the hotel.

When he told the hotel owner about the compass, she smiled and told him she herself had kept it there. He asked her why she didn’t tell him about it. And she replied, ‘I wanted you to find it for your self and find your way home’!

We each of us have a Divine Compass  inside of us which will guide and direct us to our goals and our destinations. But we must find it for ourselves. No one else can do that for us.

When we are restless, upset or lost, or unable to know what we want for ourselves in life, no one outside of us can really help us. But deep inside of us is an intuition, inner voice, awareness and a teacher who, if we become aware of and begin to relate with, will unfailingly show us the way home. It never misleads us and will be with us always.

We must stop outward blame, we must stop our complaints towards God or Destiny. We make and unbreak our own selves and thus form our own destinies.

Let us begin asking ourselves … what do I want for myself in life, why am I unhappy, which are the addictions or habits I need to let go of to improve my health and mind, am I spiritually grounded so that I do not lose myself and am I holding on to my ethics and principles which will always keep me firmly rooted to my character? Are we fearing something in our lives?

As we make this questioning a regular habit we will find answers coming from within our personalities and we can then begin the process of transformation.
So let us begin this uplifting process as early as possible dear friends. Let us begin finding the “Divine Compass” within us !

May Life and Light bless you !

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