Speak Well, Bond Well – Top 10 Tips On Effective Communication

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November 3, 2011 · 1 comment

in Soft Skills

Communication is very important for healthy relationships. Good communication helps in diffusing conflict situations and helping in strengthening bonds, be it with between friends, neighbors, colleagues and our family.

But, do we really appreciate the value of communication in our daily life?

Ask yourself. When was the last time you had a difference of opinion on something with a loved one? What was it that irritated you about the person?

Was it the tone? Was it the volume? The message itself? The posture and body language? The way the message was conveyed? How did it began?

If you think on these lines, and analyze the way you talk and your friends do, over a period of time, you can learn a lot about yourselves and others. Communication is both verbal and non-verbal. It is not just with the voice that you communicate. It is not about the language you use and your excellence in it. It is about YOU as a whole, the complete package.

You can communicate stronger messages with your body language. An example is when you are in a foreign country and communicate through hand gestures, when you don’t know the language and still you are able to get your point across.

We all think that communication comprises of just speaking and not listening. That is so not true. Today’s post is about the first level of communication viz Speaking. Here are  Top 10 Tips on how to effectively communicate through speaking..

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1. Think before speak

Outline in your head, what sort of message you want to convey before speaking it out.

2. Speaking well

Speak clearly and concisely to deliver your message. Be Spot on.

3. Speak in time

Deliver your message when it needs to be delivered. The more you delay, the more it loses its purpose.

4. Use facts

Be sure that what you say is correct or is verifiable, if you want to create a meaningful impact.

5. Use Emotions

An inappropriate emotion may result in the failure of the impact of the message. If you feel that you fall short in this area, TRY practicing in front of the mirror with the particular feeling you want to convey.

6. Speak according to the target audience.

If you want to convey a message to a child, speak at a level according to his or her age, simply and kindly. For an adult again, patience and a tactful approach will help. Use your existing knowledge of the person to direct the conversation.

7.Be prepared for interruptions and or questions.

In such situations, gracefully deal with it. Deflect it by requesting the other person to allow you to complete first and that he/she will get a turn.

8. Do NOT expect immediate acceptance or agreements with your viewpoints.

You may have to continue to negotiate over a period of time. Any force or pressure on your part may have counter effects.

9. Stick to the point and do not get distracted by other things.

For example, do not ramble of into other related topics which are not related to the discussion at hand.

10. Modulate your voice.

Too soft a voice would denote weakness and too loud denotes domination and aggression. Being assertive is the key word. Also remember to respect the other person’s space also.

Learning to speak well is not necessarily an inborn gift. We all can speak well and effectively and improve our personal relationships. It is all about making unstinting effort and commitment. The suggestions given can give you a boost in your own journey of personal development and help you to be on firmer grounds, when you are passing through difficulties in communication with people.

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